However, the magic doesn't just happen!
Purpose and intention drive Jessica's preparation for every event, from location scouting to styling details, from planning to editing.
Jessica is present every step of the way, thoughtfully curating an experience in which you are the main story. Your love, your intentions, your presence, and even your vulnerability are what make this magic truly powerful and unique.

Jessica's magic resides in her ability to capture beauty while freezing both time and emotions. These captures are precious, timeless memories that stand the test of time.

love stories / fashion / design / brands

Luxury wedding photography


Whether you're planning a wedding, celebrating a special occasion, or creating a fashion editorial,
your photographs will make an impression meant to last. 
Combine your vision with Jessica's expertise and take with you extraordinary galleries that will leave everyone breathless.
You don't only seek to capture your love, you want to inspire and bring to life imagery that feels uniquely you.





Those creamy tones, the pastel hues, the clean lines, the fashion flare, and the extra attention to the details are what characterize Jessica Mangia's work. She has the unique talent to combine old-world elegance with the modern editorial aesthetic, creating a one-of-a-kind coalescence that feels timeless and effortlessly bold simultaneously.

Jessica's portfolio is elating and inspiring. Every image is part of the story, and is meant to evoke emotions that make a statement.

Whether she shoots weddings, editorial campaigns, or portraits the artist behind the lens is restless, while the purposeful master leads her hands and eyes to see beauty and capture it.
Jessica's aesthetic is innately natural and breathtaking, every frame is a journey. One that you can't forget.

Jessica Mangia! We LOVE her!! We had a zoom call and instantly knew she had to be our photographer!
Her portfolio is amazing, and she truly has a keen eye for details and fashion.
And don't let me start talking about her personality: she can bring the sun in any room!
We hosted a three-day wedding event in Lake Como and felt incredibly comfortable throughout the whole time.
All the photos were perfect and she made our dream come to life.

- Ali and Rafique