Luxury wedding photography

Perhaps the most breathtaking location for an engagement shoot, Malibu Rocky Oaks, was the perfect setting to match the love that Dara and Chris Share.

The enchanting, magnificent site left us all feeling overwhelmed by and grateful for the splendor of the Malibu Hills. This shoot definitely climbs to the top of my list of favorite engagement sessions.

Founded and family owned the Estate Vineyard of Malibu Rocky Oaks consists of a gorgeous Tuscan style villa sitting on a 10 acres property overlooking the stunning Malibu Hills. This meticulously maintained wedding venue was the perfect backdrop for a grand love like Dara and Chris'.

They say that when you are in love you can touch the sky, and that is purposely why Dara and Chris chose to celebrate their engagement with a photoshoot at Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyard. Chris proposed under the stars after a year of dating Dara and their connection with the sky was the key to choosing the location for their engagement session.
The 360-degree views can leave you breathless, but most of all can make you feel so close to the sky that at dusk you can almost raise your hand and caress the stars.

Dara and Chris


Malibu Rocky Oaks