the LENS

media design major with
a phd in fine art photography
bilingual english and italian

Jessica's photography talent is undeniably exceptional, and she possesses an innate ability to establish genuine connections with her clients. This enables her to truly comprehend and capture their true essence. With a remarkable sensitivity towards anticipating her clients' needs, Jessica effortlessly identifies the moments that will hold everlasting value. Her approach is characterized by a graceful and intuitive style, enhanced by her artistic expertise, resulting in imagery that transcends fleeting trends and remains timeless.

Having refined her craft through rigorous education and experience in the industries of fashion and editorial photography, Jessica has garnered invaluable knowledge and skills. These experiences have propelled her to venture into entrepreneurship as a wedding photographer, enabling her to tackle even the most demanding subjects with confidence and finesse.

Guided by a daring spirit, Jessica has first moved across the globe, and today, she continues to explore new destinations in pursuit of capturing the love and joy of couples. Each new place she encounters becomes a well of inspiration, fueling her creative vision. This adventurous spirit, coupled with unwavering determination, drives Jessica forward in her relentless pursuit of excellence.




Known for the blend of refined elegance and natural beauty, our style is characterized by its editorial, sophisticated and timeless qualities. With a background in fashion and movie production, Jessica seamlessly merges a fashion-inspired aesthetic with the authenticity and emotional depth of storytelling.

Our keen eye for detail, composition, and natural light results in images that not only captures the beauty of the moment but also evokes a sense of narrative, making our photography resonate with heartfelt emotion and a sense of universality.

“I've never seen such amazing photography. It's insane.”

— Michelle HARRIS

“Her photography makes us dream and strive to work in a new environment”


The Style

The non-intrusive photography style ensures that our clients and their guests are comfortable and at ease, while providing discrete and graceful guidance resulting in truly natural beautiful portraits.

The Story

The unique background in fashion and film production has instilled in us a keen attention to detail and a dedication to perfection. Our unparalleled eye for detail allows us to capture the smallest nuances and ensure that every aspect of the event is captured impeccably.

The Method

Regardless of the assignment or creative challenge, Jessica brings a special attention and care to each project. She has a deep understanding of the power of photography resulting in a work of art that captures the vision brought to life by wedding planners.

“There's something to be said about Jessica's style, it has that "Je ne Sais Quoi" quality, hard to describe. It's very elevated, elegant. It feels very natural glam with that "La Dolce Vita" feel. It's Paris Vogue.”

— THOMAS BUI LIFESTYLE (wedding Planner and designer)

Robert Michael Films




Captured Masterfully




Certainly you have a vision, you may have hired a bridal stylist, and you know that your events is a way to express your truest beautiful self with the language of fashion.

Exquisitely classy, extravagant and bold, or timeless elegant.
Whatever your choices are, Jessica, with her eye for design-style and fashion aesthetic, creates imagery that is wonderfully screaming both haute couture fashion and natural timelessness.

We love to connect with couples that share the same love for art, fashion and beauty, cultured people that value attention to details, style and design.
Our couples are inspired by European architecture, value traditions while thinking outside of the box, people who understand their love story is one-of-a-kind and want to create an experience for themselves and their loved once that express their uniqueness together. 

We are a true match if you are an explorer, if you love to travel and discover the world, if you value kindness and respect diversity and ultimately if you want to throw a party like never before!


Anna Lord

"I've always known I was meant for something bigger, something greater and photography was my journey, the world was my destination and you were my travel companion.

— jessica mangia