You and I know what it means to live through our passions. Breathe, eat and dream of doing what we love the most! 
I know that you, like me, are a soul driven by a vision, a purpose, and I know how much sweat and tears you are pouring into your work.
I am wholeheartedly invested in helping you build and grow your artistry and your business, because you deserve nothing less than the life you dream of. Let me be your guidance through this journey and turn your burning passion into an actually profitable career that feed your soul while bringing the lifestyle and the income you want.




Build a sustainable and profitable business,
creating artful photographs and living your best life.

Let’s talk about something that I think gets swept under the rug in the wedding photography world: BRANDING AND MARKETING STRATEGIES. 

Although it’s important to keep in mind the currents in your market, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on your branding and marketing. 
Want to know what those factors are and how you can combine them all into a more accurate branding and marketing structure? Access the free course where I go beyond market research and dive into the most important factors behind determining your branding and marketing strategies.


free course


1:1 Coaching

If you are ready to truly change your business path and begin achieving goals rather than chasing dreams, this one is for you!
Three areas of expertise for you to dive into: Marketing and Branding Strategies, Pricing and Sales Strategies, Portfolio Curation. You can choose one or all fields that need improvement and schedule private coaching Zoom meetings with me. Check the available dates and become one of my students. I am an over shearer and chances are that in no time you will feel more like if you met an old friend rather than a coach. I love helping other likeminded entrepreneurs and I devote hundred of hours to helping you because I have been there, and one size doesn't fit all. Each individual and each business have different needs, so I love taking the time to help you, specifically, growing a business and artistry that builds a legacy.



Branding and marketing for luxury photographers

This online workshop is designed for all the photographers and entrepreneurs who are tired of hearing that they can upscale their business and actually want to learn how to do so. Throughout the years, I have built and mastered a branding and marketing system that allows me to work with my ideal clients, get my work published and featured (on Netflix, Vogue, Grace Ormonde, Brides, New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, etc.), and live a lifestyle that once I never thought possible.
If you are looking to find out how you can do the same then this workshop it for you!!!


September 11th, 12th, 2022


Favorite Tools of The Trade

If you want to impress and promote your work like a pro, your set of digital and printable tools must be top of the line. From guides and templates to social media, all of your branding needs to be aesthetically consistent and reflect the level of professionalism you can provide. The experience you deliver to your clients, from the very early stages of connection, throughout all the phases of work, is the key to build a strong, trusted and recognizable business.




Born and raised in an small town near Milan (Italy), I grew up knowing I wanted more in my future than just being a small town girl. Creative, passionate and ambitious I completed my undergraduate studies in Media Design Communication and Marketing summa cum laude and then got a Master degree in Fine Art Photography.

At the age of 24 (still on a quest to find my true purpose and entrepreneurial happiness) I took a major leap and quitted my day-job, said a pretty difficult "goodbye" to my whole family, and moved to Los Angeles to start my photography business.

In only four years, I built what today is the reason I feel so passionate and driven to share my knowledge. I scaled my business really fast (and during a pandemic!) and went from working $ weddings to $$$$$ weddings. 
It wasn't a linear path and surely I had to made some adjustment along the way, but I had all the tools right in my hands and today I want wholeheartedly to help others achieve their goals and reach their dreams, teaching (the truest) and most valuable knowledge.

My academic formation makes me a practical teacher, and my first-hand experience in the wedding industry a motivating and empowering coach. I firmly believe that everyone has the power to create magic out of passion and drive (what I call the sacred fire of art), and sometimes all that they need is a kind and selfless guide, an open book from where they can read all the best-kept secrets. I am that book, and I can wait for you to begin your first chapter of growth and greatness you deserve.

- Luxury Wedding and Editorial Photographer.
- Specialized in destination weddings.
-  Branding and Marketing Expert.
-  Resilient Entrepreneur.
-  Empowering business coach and mentor.
-  Lover of all things pretty.
-  Cat mommy of two.
-  100% Italian living in Los Angeles.

Jessica is truly phenomenal. She has such a wealth of knowledge for the industry, and genuinely took the time to help me find the best path for my business and clients. Her insight is worth it’s weight in gold, and I’m so thankful to have found her not only for her mentorship, but as a friend now too!
Don’t hesitate and overthink it any longer - Jessica is your girl! "