Build a sustainable and profitable photography business,
creating artful photographs and living your best life.



Create a business that makes your dream come true!

Are you ready to leave all of your doubts at the door and begin to create a master plan that will lead your photography business to profit and your artistic talent to full potential?

Are you ready to travel and meet the best clients from all over the world?

Are you ready to make your grand entrance in the luxury market?

Are you ready to see your work published on the best magazines and blogs in the world?


After so many years in the industry as a fashion, editorial and wedding photographer I have learned that the best way to move forward in business and art is to keep learning, as when we stop learning we stop growing.

When I started my career, especially after I moved to Los Angeles from Italy, I had no one to teach me the way, I had no network and I had to learn most things the hard way (trial error was a thing!), but what a waste of time, resources, energy and opportunities.
Despite all, I created my dream business, a successful and thriving 6 figure business, and with all the experience that I acquired in the process I enjoy being a total open book with all of my Master Plan Mentees, and spare you the troubles, getting you exactly where you want to be without wasting anymore time, energy and money.

1:1 Master Plan Sessions

11 Steps strategy to book your ideal clients


a well of knowledge at your fingertips, free and always available!


 From designing the shoot to delivering the visual story. A step-by-step guide to the creation of a masterpiece.
Plus 8 tips to direct your couples.


The Art of Directing

Flat Lay Styling

From the approach to the techniques, learn priceless tips to master the art of
Flat Lay Styling.


How To Get Published

All things considered getting published on magazines and blogs is important in our photography career, so let's see how to!


11 Steps to Book Your Ideal Clients

Eleven tips that can change your business right now by attracting your dream clients.


1:1 Master Plan Sessions

Are you ready to bring your business truly to the next level?

Book only your ideal clients
Charge your worth
Get published on luxury magazines
Work with the vendor you love
Gain recognition

There are 3 fields of expertise available, all very important for your business, that we can focus on, and you can choose to book each private, live Master Plan Session, individually or in a bundle.
Each Master Plan Session is composed of 3 hours (2 of personalized one-on-one mentoring  and 1 hour after 30 days for a full raincheck on the progress you have made and the results that you will see!)

After the booking is completed I will be in touch through the email address you provide, in the checkout section, with a questionnaire, with targeted questions that will allow me to prepare a tailored to you Master Plan, with targeted notes. - I am a plus size girl, I don't like the one-size-fit all deal. -
So, we can truly make those necessary steps towards success!

We will meet virtually on zoom and we'll work together to bring you exactly where you want to be!
You will leave the Master Plan Session with an actionable list of next steps and we will raincheck together again in 30 days.

Portfolio Curation

1:1 MASTER PLAN (2 + 1 hours)

Cancel any doubt, get published every time and produce body of work that attracts only your ideal client.
From shooting to culling and delivering your galleries.
Learn how to curate your images for clients and and magazines' editors.

Branding & Marketing

Capturing pretty photos is not enough! You can be the best photographer in the world but without a strong brand identity your business will suffer.
Learn how to creative a cohesive brand identity and brand image, connect to your targeted audience and elevate your prestige.

Pricing Strategies

The art of pricing is almost as fascinating as photography. Figuring out the right amount to charge for your services is never going to be a struggle anymore.
You will learn the strategies to create pre-made packages for your services and the fine art of custom proposals.



Bundle Up and Slay!

Save $100 and book the bundle!
This is the Master Plan for those who are not messing around and are not content with dipping just their toes in the knowledge well, they just want to dive in! Do yourself a favor and grab a sit, a drink, a snack and let's get your business to a whole different level!


1:1 MASTER PLAN (2 + 1 hours)

1:1 MASTER PLAN (2 + 1 hours)

1:1 MASTER PLAN (6 + 3 hours)



Jessica is truly phenomenal. She has such a wealth of knowledge for the industry, and genuinely took the time to help me find the best path for my business and clients. Her insight is worth it’s weight in gold, and I’m so thankful to have found her not only for her mentorship, but as a friend now too!
Don’t hesitate and overthink it any longer - Jessica is your girl! "