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We work to offer  you an impeccable service.

Our approach entails seeking out occasions that truly capture the essence of your weekend, while also effortlessly, yet elegantly, capturing the vibrant energy surrounding those moments. Achieving such mastery involves experience, a discerning eye, quick thinking, and meticulous planning.

And this is far too important to leave up to chance.

As a top photographer published in Vogue, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Over The Moon and many more, Jessica Mangia is renowned for effortlessly capturing elevated, joyful, and timeless moments. The result is a collection of magazine-worthy photographs that encapsulate the essence of each unique wedding weekend. 

With Jessica and her team, you can trust that events will be captured with exceptional skill and artistry





Every stage of the wedding is meticulously photographed with artistic style that brings out the beauty of each individual moment. Jessica's approach to capturing moments blends perfectly with authentic emotions, creating a refined representation of events on the day with an elevated touch. It’s no wonder why Jessica Mangia has become one of the world’s leading luxury wedding photographers.







We understand that wedding events are a collaborative effort. From your wedding planner down to every team member, your vendors are essential to the success of the event.
With that in mind Jessica works to capture yours and the team vision, ensuring a seamless day-of experience.

Jessica works diligently behind the scenes, keeping your story at the forefront of her mind, to ensure that each step taken is thoughtfully evaluated. With a meticulous attention to detail, she executes her work flawlessly, providing a sense of confidence and tranquility throughout the process.
Jessica's organizational skills and deliberate approach guide her work seamlessly, culminating in wedding photography where your priorities, as well as those of your wedding planner, are impeccably honored.With that in mind Jessica works to capture yours and the team vision, ensuring a seamless day-of experience.

At your highly anticipated event, your experience takes center stage, and therefore, we are dedicated to seamlessly adapting to any changes that may arise. Under the expert guidance of Jessica and her team, every moment will be flawlessly curated without imposing on your enjoyment. Jessica down to hearth, and with her warm and genuine nature ensures a truly serene atmosphere, where honesty and unwavering loyalty prevail, allowing you and everyone present to feel confident and most comfortable.Jessica's organizational skills and deliberate approach guide her work seamlessly, culminating in wedding photography where your priorities, as well as those of your wedding planner, are impeccably honored.With that in mind Jessica works to capture yours and the team vision, ensuring a seamless day-of experience.

Jessica and her team operates with a clear philosophy.

With a focus on understanding and connecting with clients, Jessica and her team offer a graceful and empathic approach, ensuring that clients not only look their best but also feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. 
Collaborating seamlessly with the entire creative team, we provide a five-star service that combines intuitive guidance, attention to detail, and prompt communication. Testimonials from industry professionals and clients alike highlight the unmatched commitment, talent, and professionalism that Jessica Mangia brings to every event. 


Team Oriented

Jessica and her team exemplify the art of attentive listening, ensuring that every client and vendor feels deeply valued and acknowledged. With a gracious understanding of each unique vision, they serve not merely as a service provider, but as devoted partners committed to bringing those aspirations to fruition. In the pursuit of excellence, Jessica's team stands as a pillar of support, embracing the trust and confidence of all whom they engage.


Concierge Communication

Jessica's approach is guided by a warm and open spirit, putting clients at ease and encouraging natural engagement with their surroundings. Drawing on decades of experience across the film and fashion industries, Jessica captures exceptional stories with absolute grace. 



With an incredibly organized and detail-oriented approach, Jessica and her team produce a customized and stress-free experience. With the couple’s story in mind, Jessica deliberately think through the details, making space for it to unfold naturally.



We’ve learned over the years that every celebration is different and comes with its own set of unique needs. Because of this, we quote every wedding, elopement, and portrait session on an individual basis. 






Day-Of Coverage

We understand the importance of offering complete coverage for your events, therefore you never have to worry about the counting of hours. With 10 full hours of coverage your wedding day is ensured to be captured from the beginning to the end flawlessly.


Second Photographer

With all of our years of experience we decided to include a second photographer to our work for all of our clients. We dress up to part and we will match the vibe of your wedding whether that is a black-tie event or a casual countryside affair. We are a team, and we work in synergy to create an effortless experience, anticipating our wedding planning team's needs and our clients', offering discretion and grace in every occasion, making our clients and their guests feel comfortable and at ease at all times. 


Timeline and Location Scouting

Having shot multi-day destination weddings for a decade we understand the importance of collaborating with wedding planners in the creation of the events' timeline and location scouting. We like to be prepared, so you can always count on us to find ahead of time the best spots for breathtaking imagery whether we are capturing details or portraits.
No running around the venues on the day-of and no surprises are the motto.


Content Creation

With today social media need of posting becoming faster and faster, we offer content creation as a part of our collections. A non-intrusive member of our team will capture a little behind the scene of the event unfolding and a some of the most memorable moment of the day, for a social media "reel" that will be delivered within 24h from the event.

I see a lot of wedding photos —

Jessica's expertise is unmatched and we thank HER for putting love in every single photo!!



“Jessica!!!! Oh my!!! Our photos are amazing, we are so grateful and speechless. 

We are IN LOVE with these pictures! I'm so completely obsessed with them and so thankful to have found you as our photographer to capture these wonderful moments. 

- Jennifer and Duncan

“Jessica was a blessing. Made us feel comfortable and confident.

Many thanks to Jessica and her team for sharing her talent with us, we will have the most beautiful memories thanks to her.
- Melissa and Oscar

Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?

Each of our clients' events are important to us and I love photographing anything beautiful! Weddings, Elopements, Destination Weddings and Elopements, Portrait Sessions, Engagement Sessions, Maternity Sessions, Boudoir Sessions, Fashion, Editorials, you name it.

Do you offer videography?

We do not offer wedding videography but we take pride in working with some of the most talented and professional videographers in the world, so feel free to connect with us and I will be very happy to share recommendations.

how many photographers will cover my event?

The basic answer is: it depends. 
Depending on the size of your event, it is reasonable to consider that I may be all you need to cover your day. However, often, events with more than 80 guests require an additional shooter, and for events of more than 150 guests we definitely recommend a team of three.

Is travel included in your prices?

Travel is not included in our prices. Travel plans variate greatly based on the destination of your unique event and number of days, so the travel quote will be added to your selected collection, and we handle all of our own travel arrangements unless otherwise specified.

What equipment do you shoot with?

For film we use mainly Contax 645m a medium format film camera, and for digital Canon 35mm cameras, and Fuji medium format cameras. We always bring camera, lens, and memory card backups, and all of our equipment is regularly serviced to ensure it’s in full working order.


Of course, do not hesitate to request the latest offerings. We exclusively work with the best partners in the industry to only offer museum-gallery quality and preserve your memories in the most beautiful and safe way to stand the test of time.

We're known for professional, timely communication *and* stunning imagery, because you shouldn't have to choose. 

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